Biomass Utilization

HM3 Energy’s torrefaction technology can use biomass, not just clean wood chips. This is important because woody biomass (or forest residues, also called waste wood) resulting from harvesting operations or restoration work, ultimately needs disposal. Unfortunately, the slash produced from logging or restoration operations has little economic value, so the slash piles are usually burned or left to rot, both practices that are bad for the environment. The photo below show a typical forest slash pile resulting from forest thinning operations. These piles are burned in place during cooler weather when fire danger is low. This short VIDEO shows how forest slash like this can be turned into solid biomass fuel using HM3 Energy’s technology.

Biomass med cropped

HM3 Energy strongly supports best practices of biomass suppliers, as modeled by stewardship contracts on federal forests, which have the goal of improving forest health.

Sawmill Residue and Agricultural Residue

Shavings small

HM3 has made TorrB® briquettes from sawmill residue in the form of shavings and sawdust from Douglas fir. Agricultural residue from orchard operations in the form of old trees and prunings are also an excellent feedstock.


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