Torrefied Biomass Properties

TorrBĀ® torrefied biomass briquettes:HM3 Energy TorrB briquettes

  • Do not absorb water, so they can be stored and shipped outside, with considerable cost savings. After 24-hour soak tests TorrBĀ® briquettes remain sturdy, with minimal moisture gain. Raw pellets require costly installation of covered storage.
  • Have similar heating value to western coal and over 30% more BTU content than raw wood pellets.
  • Require no modifications to the coal plant to begin firing because they can be stored without cover, just like coal, and are easily pulverized (ground), just like coal is prior to firing. Raw wood pellets are too fibrous to be ground, and require costly installation of a different feeding system to the boiler.
  • Are more energy efficient than raw pellets.
  • Require no construction of new transmission infrastructure, if used in existing coal plants already connected to the power grid.





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