Torrefied Biomass Energy Efficiency

Torrefied biomass energy efficiency compares HM3 Energy torrefied biomass briquettesfavorably with raw pellet production despite the high temperatures used in torrefaction. In the TorrB® process, all heat is provided by an average of 10% of the feedstock energy if the biomass contains less than 35% moisture. In fact, despite the high temperatures used in torrefaction, the energy required to dry, torrefy and densify TorrB® briquettes is much less than that of producing standard wood pellets for several reasons:

  • Our TorrB® drying and torrefaction processes use a small portion of the feedstock for energy needs, while traditional pellets need an external energy source for drying. [View diagram]
  • Grinding raw wood is energy intensive compared to grinding torrefied wood.
  • Densifying into pellets is more energy intensive than our briquetting technology.

In comparison to other torrefaction technologies which use clean wood chips, HM3 Energy directly torrefies forest waste.

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