Torrefaction Feedstock

HM3 Energy’s TorrB® technology creates clean energy using woody biomass and other lignocellulosic material as torrefaction feedstock. Potential feedstock includes a wide range of residual materials, such as:

  • Agricultural residues, sugarcane, coconut fiber, corn stover (not corn), wheat straw, ryegrass straw, orchard prunings, and similar material left after harvest
  • Woody biomass, left as residual harvesting or thinning conducted to improve forest or rangeland ecological health in overstocked forest stands, and also reduce the high risk of wild fires
  • Urban wood waste, including tree trimmings, yard debris, and brush cleared from right of ways, such as power lines
  • Farmed energy crops, grown solely to be used for energy, such as fast growing poplar trees

HM3 Energy does not use food sources. We also require that our biomass feedstock be sustainably grown, harvested or collected.

For more information on the amount of biomass available in the United States, see the just updated Billion Ton Report on the amount of biomass in the U.S.

HM3 Energy