HM3 Energy Achievements

HM3 Energy completed a $4 million half ton/hour demonstration facility in 2016 in order to demonstrate its unique torrefaction and densification technologies on a variety of biomass feedstocks. The facility was sold on December 31, 2018 to a Japanese customer. Since 2015 HM3 Energy has:New Achievements

  • Been granted three patents, with a fourth pending
  • Performed multi-day runs using our unique mass flow torrefier, and densified torrefied material on 50,000-tons-per-year equipment without use of a binder, yet resulting in water resistant briquettes.
  • Conducted grindability tests leading to successful test burns in a small pulverized coal combustion plant at Western Research Institute in Wyoming, where the fuel injection system was configured to match that of a 585 MW pulverized coal-fired power plant in Boardman, Oregon. This successful test burn achievement included co-firing with coal as well as firing TorrB® biomass exclusively.
  • Produced energy dense, high quality water resistant briquettes from juniper, cedar, pine, and fir, mostly from eastern Oregon forests, as well as from mill residue (fir).
  • Produced energy dense, high quality water resistant briquettes from agricultural residue.


  • 2015 USDA-NIFA SBIR Phase 2 Grant: This research greatly helped HM3’s final push to link together key components for torrefaction and densification of juniper biomass. 
  • 2014 USDA-NIFA SBIR Phase 1 Grant: This research will further complement Oregon’s juniper utilization project.
  • 2012 OregonBest Commercialization Grant: Collaborative project with Oregon State University to perform pre-commercial emissions testing of common Oregon biomass fuels
  • 2011 Regional Winner, Cleantech Open
  • 2011 USDA-NIFA SBIR Phase 2 Grant: In this Phase 2 commercialization grant, HM3 Energy researched densification issues with regard to a number of different forest waste feedstocks, culminating with densification runs on commercial equipment using proprietary modifications.
  • 2010 US Endowment for Forestry and Communities Award: The Endowment award contributed greatly to building our torrefaction process and equipment testing facility
  • 2010 USDA-NIFA SBIR Phase 1 Grant: This first grant explored how to remove contaminants from forest waste such as juniper and western pine without using water so it could be torrefied and turned into clean fuel for coal-fired power plants
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