Torrefaction Technology

HM3 Energy’s proprietary TorrB® torrefaction and densification technologies turn woody biomass into carbon neutral drop-in coal replacement fuel or into dense, clean burning biofuel for biomass boilers. HM3 Energy’s biomass utilization offers considerable environmental and economic benefits to forest management operations. This short VIDEO shows HM3 Energy’s torrefaction technology, turning waste wood into energy dense briquettes. The ability to use biomass instead of clean wood chips makes  TorrB® torrefied briquettes competitive in price with raw pellets at the coal-fired plant burner tip.  HM3 Energy Slide Deck Overview

At the end of 2018 HM3 Energy completed a two-year testing phase in its Oregon torrefaction facility.  The half ton/hour demonstration plant was sold in its entirety to a customer on December 31, 2018. It has since been dismantled and moved to Japan, where it will be used to produce sample product for Japanese utilities. HM3 Energy is licensing its technology to viable partners for commercial plant construction. New Achievements


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