Torrefaction Technology that Helps Restore Forest Health

Western North America is facing a wildfire crisis. Fires are burning larger, longer, hotter and more frequently than before, with devastating impacts to life, property and ecosystems. Thinning operations are being performed in forests choked with unnaturally dense stands and dead and dying trees that threaten to ignite, emitting millions of tons of greenhouse gases. But what can be done with all the useless biomass left over from thinning operations besides costly pile burning?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the biomass were collected locally and turned into carbon neutral, energy dense briquettes? And even better – what if those briquettes were so energy dense and sturdy that they could be shipped long distances to be used as fuel in coal plants?  HM3’s “waste-to-energy” commercial-ready technology does exactly that producing TorrB® torrefied briquettes (also referred to in the industry as “biocoal” or “black pellets.”

In collaboration with Northern Arizona University and Coconino County, HM3 is beginning grant work to perform due diligence on a commercial plant in Northern Arizona. The ability to use biomass instead of clean wood chips makes  TorrB® torrefied briquettes competitive in price with raw pellets at the coal-fired plant burner tip for the export market.  HM3 Energy Slide Deck OVERVIEW

This short VIDEO shows HM3 Energy’s technology at work, turning waste wood into energy dense briquettes. HM3 Energy is licensing its technology to viable partners for commercial plant construction. New Achievements


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